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Sugaring is a hair removal technique which is 100% natural and is great for people with sensitive skin.

The technique derives from the Middle East and has grown in popularity for the great results received. The skin will be completely bare for two weeks and once the regrowth starts it will grow back softer and over time it can damage the hair follicle in a good way that the hair will not grow back at all in certain places.

To begin the area is cleaned and a powder is applied on the area to remove any moisture from the skin.

The specialist places a bit of sugar on the skin in the opposite way to the hair growth. No strips or sticks are used to remove the hair, they remove the sugar with the hair grain.

To finish the process, the area is cleaned again to remove any excess sugar from the skin. The treatment will also prevent any ingrown hairs with smoother skin for longer.

Eyebrow Threading
Full legs£60 60 minutes
Half legs£3040 minutes
Full arms (including hands)£40 45 minutes
Half arms£2020 minutes
Hands£1010 minutes
Underarms£1515 minutes
Chest £1520 minutes
Nipples£1010 minutes
Stomach£2020 minutes
Navel line£1010 minutes
Full back£4040 minutes
Half back£2020 minutes
Brow tidy£1010 minutes
Upper lip£1010 minutes
Chin£1010 minutes
Jawline£1515 minutes
Full face£40 30 minutes
High bikini£25 20 minutes
Brazilian£5040 minutes
Hollywood£5040 minutes
Bum cheeks£2020 minutes
In between bum service£1510 minutes